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VagaCare ™ Vaginal Cones Help With Pelvic Floor Exercises

conesVagaCare ™ vaginal cones can help you perform pelvic floor exercises correctly. This kind of exercise can easily be worked into your daily routine.

As your muscles become stronger, you can practice holding the vaginal weights inside of the vagina while doing housework and eventually more vigorous physical activity. So they can be used without interfering with your daily routine at all.

Some of the other brands on the market cannot offer this kind of training flexibility. The old dumbbell or barbell exercisers can only be used in a private location.

The benefits of exercising include better bladder control. In fact, research suggests that women who exercise the muscles regularly are less likely to suffer from bladder control issues as they age. There are sexual benefits as well.

Stronger PC muscles equal stronger orgasms. As the vagina becomes stronger, intercourse is more satisfying.

For women that are planning to become pregnant, doctors suggest that pelvic floor exercises can help to ensure the baby is positioned correctly during delivery. They are more likely to be able to deliver vaginally; less likely to need a C-section.

Women that have recently delivered a baby benefit as well. Exercising regularly can help them recover from the delivery more quickly and help the vagina return to its pre-delivery state.

There are specific benefits associated with VagaCare ™ vaginal cones. As mentioned above, they help you perform the exercise correctly. When the exercise is ineffective, therapists say that the reason is usually improper form. It can be difficult to isolate and contract the correct muscle group. Many women tighten or contract the buttocks or thighs, rather than the pelvic muscles. vaginal cones

Most pelvic floor exercises fail to provide increased resistance as the muscles become stronger. Some provide no resistance at all.

VagaCare ™ vaginal cones provide increased resistance as time goes by. The complete set of four weighted inserts allow you to actually strengthen the muscles.

Merely tightening the muscles around a finger or an exerciser will firm, but not build muscle. Adding resistance allows muscle fibers to grow. This is a factor of strength training of all kinds, regardless of the muscle group order

We recommend a 15-20 minute twice daily workout four times per week. Results should be seen within 6-12 weeks.

The easiest way to do it is with VagaCare™ vaginal cones. Drugs cannot cure stress incontinence. Surgery is not a cure for this kind of problem. Strengthening your muscles is the only real solution. You may have heard of Kegel exercises. VagaCare™ vaginal cones help you perform Kegel exercises correctly.



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